Favorite in inline list. Any walkarround?

WTF!!!.. where was it that I didn’t see it before?

I’m going to test this wonderful tool and I’ll be back :upside_down_face:

Thanks Jeff

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager, that worked!

I also just learned that column order affects the data that relation columns pull, which unfortunately led me to another issue. The “rel-FavoritesToPosts” column you created in the “Choice” sheet, which pulls the post title of favoured posts from the “Posts” sheet, but in my case it pulls the email of the user who created that post instead, because it was initially the first column of that sheet. And even though I have changed the order of the columns directly through google sheets, so that Post title is the first column in the Posts sheets, the data in Glide doesn’t update to reflect the new column order.

So I’m wondering if I have to re-create the entire app from scratch?

No, the relation only shows the first column of the matching row in the related sheet to indicate that there is a match. The relation is pulling back the entire row, not a single column. That’s why I use a lookup column against the relation to pull back a single column. Column order makes no difference.

Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager! It works just like your example app! :slight_smile:

Once I tidy up the app I will send it to you to try it out!

Have a great rest of the week!

Hi @Jeff_Hager,

As promised, here is the app I created: platd.glideapp.io

If you like cooking, you may find it useful for discovering new recipes as well as keeping your favourite recipes in one place :blush:


That looks really good. I see you edited your post. Did you figure out your problem? My only thought was that maybe your brother had an old version of the app still running and it didn’t submit the special values. Hopefully you got it working now!

Thank you :blush:Yes, I resolved the issue and its working properly now! I had to delete all user data to ensure all rows capture special values, so feel free to join again if you want!

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@Jeff_Hager i have been trying to implement the ‘remove favorite’ function but cant seem to find a way to do it, could you please shed some light on this? thanks

Are you using the built in favorites feature of glide, or are you trying to do a custom one like I mentioned above? If you are creating custom favorites, then quite a bit has changed in the past month. In general the concept is the same with the choice component to select between All and Favorites, but now this is a whole lot easier with User Specific columns. Now you don’t need a form button to create a favorite. The old way above would not allow a favorite to be deleted because of the way it is designed.

This should hopefully explain things better.


thanks @Jeff_Hager for the help and it works great using User Specific Columns and switch component on item.

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Hi Jeff (or anyone!),

I’m stuck and wondering if you have ideas for a workaround for the following scenario.

Ideal scenario 1: The user has a feed of posts (using an inline list). The user can favorite a post which adds the item to their checkout cart.

Ideal scenario 2: The user has a feed of posts (using an inline list). The user can favorite a post which sends me an email so I can take some action on my end.

My current workaround 1: The user has a feed of posts (using an inline list). The user taps on the post and it opens up a details page, with a buy button. User can go through checkout flow.
Open issue: any way to make this a better experience?

My current workaround 2: The user has a feed of posts (using an inline list). The user taps on the post and sees the details page with a favorite button. User can click on favorite button. I’ve also tried doing something similar with choices. In both cases I can see the user favorited or picked a certain choice, but I want the response to trigger an action, and I think I’ll have to do that action myself but I just need to be notified somehow first.
Open issue: can I make it so the action of the user favoriting the item or selecting a certain choice notifies me so I don’t have to manually check all users and their favorites or choices in the db? any other workaround ideas?

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I don’t think that’s going to be possible. Favorites are an internal glide feature and there is no access to it in the sheet. It’s the same with user specific columns, which would be required as an alternative to save a value unique to the individual. There is currently no way for you to see or access what a user favorited or selected for a user specific or favorite column. Only they can see it. Because of that, there is no way for you to know what they selected. Ultimately you need to write something to the sheet. This would either require them adding to cart and going through the strip buying process, or submitting a form. The only thing that would be closest to what you want would be to add a button with a zapier action. This would allow for a quick button press without having to navigate away from the current screen and you can set it up to write to one of your sheets.

That’s the best I can offer. Long story short, unless you are in the builder and previewing as every individual user, there is no way for you to see what they have favorited or selected for user specific columns.