How to make a favorites list

I created profiles that can be favorited.
I know that I need to make an inline list to display ‘the favorites’
Now what I don’t know is: what kind of column I need to make in the database for the inline list?

This is very basic but my brain is fried today :slight_smile:


HAve an inline list that’s filtered by the favorites column

yes i didn’t know how to create the favorite column though, but i think i figured it out, a user specific boolean?

Yes, just add the favorite component to your details screen.
As long as your app has user profiles and the favorite component added, Glide should add this column b default:
Valcourt - Front Desk App · Glide 2022-04-04 at 5.14.24 PM


GOT IT…that explains why it wasn’t connecting to the one I created! It was already there! thanks!!

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