Visibility of component based on if there are any favorites

Hello all! New here! :wave:

I’m working on the Glide app built by @gannonatwork.

I was curious to play around with Glide and see if I could add a component that only shows data (in this case recipes) and a “View My Favorites” when the user has recipes favorited.

IE, when there’s at least 1 recipe favorited, a button to “View My Favorites” is visible.

My assumption was that I could use the Visibility option to control whether or not an Action Text Component shows up.

I applied a condition “Is Favorited is TRUE”, thinking that this would evaluate all rows for this user to see if any Is Favorited columns were true.

However, this does not seem to be the case. I’ve even tried other logic combos.

Can anyone advise on what the Visibility option is evaluating when I set a condition in this case?


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Don’t use visibility for this task, use filter and inline list components, to show items when favorite is true

For the button, visibility need to be based on rollup column that will count favorite column, and if count is more than 0… show button
Or you can use logic if favorite column contains true

Thanks for your input @Uzo ! I’ll check that out.
That’ll be new territory for me!