Component Visibility based on another Component's visibility

Many times (like almost every screen) I need a series of components to be hidden if ONE is hidden. Often these are spacers/headers but also include other components in a related series of data. These are usually a block of information that are either ALL visible or NONE are visible.

Can you add to ‘Visibility’ an option such as: ‘Show Component when “Other Component” is Visible’ AND ‘Show Component when “Other Component” is not Visible’. I then do not have to copy the same visibility condition into multiple components making them all harder to manage over the long term.

This by far will be very low in priority from what I see in the list there are more critical feature requests ahead so I suggest that you can create an IF Else column once and map the visibility by that column result so you don’t have to repeat the conditions again

Hope this helps

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Thank you for the idea - I used similar if not exact techniques in other places.

It took a while to realize that Glide design/current best practices seems to encourage ‘pollution’ of the actual row data with Display data, filtering logic, etc. Glide Experts know to keep adding information (how to display, what to filter, what is need for rollups) to a Glide row (since row width is ‘free’ based on Glide’s pricing model ) so rows that are 100s of columns wide with the actual date representing a small percent of that is probably very common.

Indeed, I have a table with 100+ of computed columns to handle roll-ups, filtering and display of data in CARD and list formats.

But I suspect the 1B developers they are trying to nurture do not think this way (adding tons of columns to their actual EXCEL data).

If you had a ‘container’ within APPS - like what they have in PAGES - then you would put all the similar items together in a container and then set visibility on that and there would be no need for ITE/template/visiblity-column data. If this is part of the NCM then PAGES-like containers will be coming to APPS - but I am definitely no Glide expert nor a seer.

But I wanted to raise this thought to the powers that be at Glide since I am not a Glide expert but a SME trying to develop a rather complex APP. One of the 1B citizen developers they are cultivating.

yeah, many of us have asked for containers - or at least component grouping - in apps.
And yes, I have it on good authority that once apps are migrated to NCM, this will be very easy to add. So I expect we’ll see it in the not too distant future.

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