It will be awesome if we can copy paste Visibility Rule

Having working with glide for the paste 3 month, I realize that Visibility setting for components is the most important thing I did that sometimes --wait, all the time-- tiring to do.
In one screen/page, I always use some states to hide/show components: see below

At this time, I need to setup 8 components with the same visibility settings. Some kind of copy paste visibility rules or maybe creating visibility sets, will be much appreciated.


To save time you can create an IF column in your data, that checks those same conditions, and have it return ‘true’ if all conditions are met. Then you only need to check for ‘true’ in that one IF column when setting up your visibility conditions.


Hey, I think that is the way.
Yap! Definitely is.

Will check it out!

Thank you!

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