In-app filter doesn't require "match multiple"

Howdy, howdy. I’m currently using an array to operate my in-app filter. It looks exactly the way I want it to, listing multiple categories like Women’s Fashion and Inclusive Sizing. My issue is that if you select both Women’s Fashion and Inclusive sizing, it filters as either/or instead of requiring both in order to show as a result. I want the latter. Else, I might have a user that wants to look at only women’s fashion that includes inclusive sizing, and she might get stuck looking at all women’s fashion. Thus, the filter would be pointless (men’s fashion is also an option). Any ideas?

It doesn’t feel like a user error on my side. Feels more like, that not how that function should work? But I’m up for a trick.

(I’m working with 7 classifications total and five different fits, so total of 12. My filter combines all of these with an array. I need a way for users to be super picky. For example, to pick 3 classes and 2 fits and see only items that match all of those criteria.)

Please help :slight_smile:

This might give you some ideas…

Thanks for the quick response. I do love this guy’s videos and I was excited to try it, but it’s a little cumbersome for what I’m trying to do. With Glide’s in-app filter, it does let you check off more than one category. I just wish I could switch that back code from “either/or” to “and”

Okay, what you are looking for will definitely be possible, although without a deeper understanding of how your app is setup I can’t really provide specific advice.

Here is another approach that I often use for dynamic filtering, which might be applicable in your case: