Select filter in app sort is an AND or an OR

Hello to all,

I’m playing with Glide since a few days, but I have a little problem.

I added filters via the filter in app function, they are multiple filters.

Let’s say I filter on the museums in a city, I want to filter the museums that are available for someone with reduced mobility AND the hearing disabled.

Today the glide function will show me all the museums for people with reduced mobility AND all the museums for the hearing disabled.
I would like the filter to do an AND and not an OR, to show me the museums that have my 2 criteria at the same time

Any idea how to do this?

Thank you for your help


Hi @Thomas_Siegwald :wave:

I believe the output of the in-app filter is expected behavior.

You might consider the following:

  • Create a tab whose style is a Details layout
  • Insert an inline list component: this is the list you would have had had you chosen another list layout for your tab.
  • Above the inline list component, insert a multi-choice component that writes to user-specific columns so that boxes checked by user A remain this way for user A only and not other users.
  • Use the boolean values in these user-specific columns to set visibility conditions within your inline list.

Admittedly I have not used the multi-choice component yet but I believe the ideas above might put you in the right direction.

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Hi @nathanaelb

Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, I was thinking of going through this solution too, but I liked the little filter picto at the top, knowing that I already have the ability to sort in this part!

I’ll still consider switching solutions if I have no choice!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The new chips style in the choice component might also do the trick from a visual perspective.

Things to look out for:

  • Boolean values can have three values: true, false, empty. Keep this in mind.
  • Depending on exactly what you want to achieve, you might want to create if-then-else columns from your user-specific choice columns or multiplications of 0s and 1s.

This is the type of situation where I need to fiddle around and test to get exactly what I want. I’m sure many others in the forum can do this eyes closed. I still hope you’ll get ideas from this.


AND is pretty tricky. How many criteria do you have for that specific tab?

Hi @ThinhDinh

About ten


Have you been able to do it the way Nathanael guided you? Let us know if you have any more questions.

Maybe a demo app can help better, but let us know where you are at.

Not yet !

I’m on several fronts at the same time, I’ll look into it later!

(For the moment I’m using google Place, in the other topic :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hi @ThinhDinh and @nathanaelb

So I set it up and it works great.

The only problem is that I can’t manage the multi select, but I’m not losing hope!

I’m just starting out on Glide, but I’ll get there :slight_smile:

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