In app Filter OR and AND as configuration option

It looks like the in app filter uses an OR condition. Is it possible to switch this to AND.

In my case I only want to see sale points that matches all of the selected filter options.
At the moment I see sale points that matches one of the selected filter options.

Of course it woud be great if I coud configer this like the filter field.

So something like this but instead of matching only 11/12/2020 or 12/12/2020, the item should match both?

The filter is intended to provide only the OR, I don’t see how it can support an AND.

I think you need to have multiple columns to store the “filter value” to do an AND, because you’re only filtering on one column, there’s no case when it matches multiple filter values, isn’t it?

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In my case the app filter points to a relation column.

Wehen I choose Bar and Vegetarsich as filter options I would see the first record, not both.

I know that this is not possible at the moment. But I hope in the future (Request)

You can vote for this request.