Filter from Array Column

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I have filtered by an array column in my app. As a result multiple columns fields are in this filter.

So I selected Exterior and Cool, so that I can show all images that are exterior and have cool colors. So then I go back to my screen

The issue is the first two results are interiors even though exterior is selected as the filter.

If I go into the search bar and search for EXT, the first two results go away.

I’m not sure what the functionality of filtering array columns should be, but I would expect that if you selected two items to filter, it would show items that match those two items.

I suppose it was designed as an OR filter, so you can select to see Filter 1 OR Filter 2 instead of Filter 1 AND Filter 2. I’m not sure of a good workaround other than creating templates that join multiple values together, but I can see that not working well for you. In most cases, the filter would relate to a single type of category where you are filter by several types of categories or keywords.

This would be a good argument for allowing an option to pick AND or OR filters. Ideally you would be able to build your own filtering by having dynamic if/then columns that compare different column values or filter by a column value instead of static values, or allow dynamic if/then compares in a relation column.

Yeah, I was a little nervous this was designed as an or filter which seems a bit counter intuitive to me. Figured I would bring it up because the documentation is not 100% clear as to how this was designed.

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