Array Column

So If I have columns named Skills 1, Skills 2… Skills 6 it creates an array column in DATA named “Skills”.

I want to be able to filter a layout based on the data in that one Skills array column. When I try to select that one array column in layout, the array column isn’t available, and I’m forced to select from the individual columns.

Is there a way to do this without concatenating all the columns on the spreadsheet? This is a viable workaround, but I think you intended that array column do do essentially the same thing.


From a programming standpoint, I know it’s most likely doable, but I’m sure the filter wasn’t initially intended to work with arrays. Currently I only assume that arrays are used for the image carousal, per user data, and multiple relations. I like your idea, but I suppose the filter is currently only coded to compare a single value to single value.

With that said, I do see that you can add multiple filter conditions now, so you could add a condition with OR’s for each individual column as opposed to creating a concatenated column in your sheet.

I was thinking tags when I made the columns. The multiple filter does solve my issue though, Thanks for the response.

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