Filtering data per record

Same concept as filtering per user data, but instead based on the column value of the particular record. This would be a great work around for many to many relationships until it’s released.

I’m currently building a festival app for a client trying to showcase all inclusive passes available for certain events. They’ve done this by offering weekend and all access passes, the issue is that when I create a create a relationship column I only have the option to choose a weekend or weekday. This works for just weekdays, but not weekends, where the all access pass would still apply.

If filtering by per data record was available, I could create an inline list and use the filter feature as such:

Filter PASSTYPE that CONTAINS [record column]

PASSTYPE would then be a set of values I set, where one would include both ‘Weekday’ and ‘Weekend’ - i.e. (1) Weekday (2) Weekend (3) Weekday/Weekend) - allowing for the correct passes to show, including those where multiple applies.

Is there already a fix for this? If so that would be awesome!

Have you tried using a relation against an array of values? For example, set up three columns like ‘PASSTYPE 1’, ‘PASSTYPE 2’ and ‘PASSTYPE 3’. Fill the first column with ‘weekday’ when it applies. Fill the second column with ‘weekend’ when it applies. Fill the third column with ‘both’ for all records. When creating your relation, Glide will present to you a PASSTYPE column which will be an array of all three columns.

We are not allowed to filter by array column.

This worked perfectly! :grinning:

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Jeff_Hager’s fix requires you to create a relation from the array, not filter on it. I’ve posted a screenshot of what worked for me.

Screenshot of data in Glide. I may not have needed to create an additional Relation column since Glide automatically created from the array. I’ll have to try it out. But, in creating my Relation column directly to the “Passes” sheet, everything lined up accordingly.

Below are screenshots of the end result. You’ll see in one example where an event on a weekday only includes all access passes that cover weekdays and weekends, but does not showcase weekend passes.

And for the weekend event, both pass types show up.

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Interesting, I’ll have to take a look at that. I appreciate the clarification.

@Tim_Sullivan True, but he mentioned trying to set up a relation column before trying to use a filter, so that’s what I was focusing on.

She :+1:

Thanks again for the fix, this is the best work around I’ve found to showcase many-to-many relationships.

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This was very helpful!

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