Array conditional item

Hi every body,

I’m trying to solve an issue that for sure will be easy for you to solve, but I don’t know how to proceed.
I need to make an ARRAY between two tabs that meets the conditions between two values of a column.

Having this:“TAB1:Column A”; “TAB1: Column B”; “TAB1:Column C”; “TAB2: Column A”;

I need to make an ARRAY in “TAB1: Column C” of all items that meet the condition that accomplishes: “TAB1:Column A” < “TAB2:Column A” < “TAB1: Column B”.


  1. TAB2:Column A = 8.000 € ;

  2. TAB2:Column A = 2.000 €

  3. TAB2:Column A = 14.000 €

  4. TAB1:Column A = 1.000 € ; TAB1: Column B= 15.000€ ; ((TAB1: Column C = 2.000 €; 8.000 €; 14.000 €));

  5. TAB1:Column A = 1.000 € ; TAB1: Column B= 3.000€ ; ((TAB1: Column C = 2.000 €))

  6. TAB1:Column A = 6.000 € ; TAB1: Column B= 15.000€ ; ((TAB1: Column C = 8.000 €; 14.000 €));


I’m pretty lost, so any tip will help,

Thanks in advance.

OK, reading that burned my eyes a little. :wink: Do you have any screenshots of real data, so it’s a little easier to understand? What I’m thinking you may need is a Make Array column to join multiple values and arrays together.


Sure! :smile:

I will expose the real case and it will be easier. I’m making a real estate portal, where an admin publishes demands and other employees publish properties and I’m stuck in crossing properties and demands.

“Properties” have some attributes such as Price, location, type of property (residential, office…) and typology ( Plot, building…), and I want to match it with the “Demands” Range of price, range of location, range of types, and range of typology. The result has to be a list per Property of Demands where this property fits.

My initial thinking to solve it was to make an array comparing each parameter and after that to join it in another array to compare it. If you need I can show you the table, but for sure I don’t have it in a proper way.

So essentially you just want a dynamic filter, yes?

There are several ways to do this. Below is a tutorial that shows one way:

Well, it does not have to be an inline filter, it has to be an automatic filter. I need to find for each property all the demands where the property fits in.

At the picture above “rel_Demandas 1” relates Properties “Tipo” and Demand “Tipo”, and “rel_Demandas 2” relates Properties “Tipología” and Demand “Tipología”, and I need a column that has the items that are only in either the two colums, removing the items that are only in one of both.

My 2 cents on this:

  • Create a relation for each of your “filter”.
  • Create a joined list column on top of each of your relation, to return the list of matching rowIDs from the other side.
  • Join all “matching IDs” from all of your filters into a template column, delimited by a “rare” character so they don’t clash with any of the rowID characters (let’s say a spade ♤).
  • Use JavaScript to analyze that template value and split out only the values that are in all the elements (thus satisfy all your requirements for each of the filters).

Hola Miguel,

Jeje, we all try to understand your case and give you the best name for your need :rofl:

I think you are looking for (I am going to give “another name”) something like a relation ruled by multi filters. If so, take a look at my demo about it:


Thanks, for all your tips, and answers, I’m still working on the solution. As I’m not an IT profile, I’m a starter entrepreneur, I don’t have knowledge of Javascript yet.

I will try @gvalero to find a solution. I will tell you the outcome. :slight_smile:

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