Array to array relation with AND condition

I generally use a combination of templates and multi-relations for this type of dynamic filtering. The basic idea is:

  • In the table that contains your source data, create a template column that concatenates each of the values that you’ll be filtering on. In your example, it might look something like:
House:5 BR:3 WC
Apartment:1 BR:1 WC
Condo:3 BR:2 WC
  • Next create an identical template that concatenates the same values from your User Specific Columns
  • Finally, create a multi-relation that joins the two template columns
  • You can then use an inline list to display the results from that relation

This approach has a couple of nice side-effects…

  • You don’t need to apply any filters to your inline list
  • It’s easy to get a dynamic count of filtered records simply by applying a rollup column to the multi-relation

One downside is that if you need to provide a “Select All” option, then it gets a little more complicated. In that case, you need to create multiple templates and rollups to cater for each permutation. So the law of diminishing returns applies. I’ve done it with up to 4 separate filters (3 of them having an “All” option).