Filtering issue: when i select 'vegan' also show me 'vegan, high protein'

Couldn;t find an answer to this so far in the forum, apologies if answered somewhere and I didn’t see it.

I am trying to categorise meals and to come up with a solution so a meal doesn’t only have one category like ‘vegan’, but could also be ‘vegan, high protein’.

Attached the screenshot how the filtering would currently exclude ‘vegan, high protein’ when looking for ‘vegan’.

Thank you!

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 01.58.44

Try creating an array column in you meals sheet by creating multiple ‘Type’ columns.

  • In your meals sheet, create as many columns as you need that look like this ‘Type 1’, ‘Type 2’, ‘Type 3’, etc.
  • For each meal you can now assign multiple types, so for one of your meals, you can fill ‘Type 1’ with ‘Vegan’ and fill ‘Type 2’ with ‘Vegan, High Protein’.
  • Glide will create an array column named ‘Type’ from all of the numbered Type columns you created.
  • Use the array Type column for your filter and it will filter by multiple columns, so if you select Vegan, for your filter, the meal that has Type 1 as Vegan and Type 2 as Vegan High Protein will show up. If you only pick Vegan High Protein in the filter, the same meal will still show.

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That’s neat, works, thank you!


Super handy trick. I’ll need to leverage this in the future.

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Thank you for this!