How to Filter by Multiple Fields

Here’s my app

Basically I want to be able to search by multiple fields and I’m a little stumped as to how to do it so that it works for multiple users at once.

Just an example if I wanted to find references that were warm and were a wide shot, I tried typing Warm Wide into the search bar, it works when I just search for warm, but when I search for both it gives me zero results.

I tried to make a template column that just mashes all the words into one field, hoping that would allow the search to return results, but no luck.

The only solution I’m thinking of now is maybe a series of inline lists? They could click in to each item and ultimately find what they want? Anything easier or cleaner?

I tried to create the inline lists, but failed at that since I want to look at multiple columns for my results.

I did figure out something that is pretty terrible, basically buttons that lead you to a filtered page. You can click my app above and see it in the advanced search tab, it will filter a specific way based on what button you’ve clicked, the issue with this is you can only filter twice unless I add another level of buttons, which is not very fun considering even if with this plan I would have to make 58 different screens.

Hoping someone out there has a much simpler solution. :slight_smile:

It seems like all of this could be solved as well if search did not require the contents to match exactly, but rather searched for records that contained each word. I realize this requires the user to know what they are searching for, but seems like it could be an easy fix. I put this idea in the features request app for now.

This should help:

Hmm, that looked very very promising, but still having some issues.

I filtered by two fields. I wanted images that were exteriors, and had cool colors.

I checked both of them, then went back to my screen, the first two results are interiors.

If I go into the search bar and search for EXT while in this filtered view, those results disappear. Does this seem like a bug, or am I doing something incorrectly?

haha rly like how often this thread gets referenced:)

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I know it. It was a useful and helpful discussion. Lots of satisfied Glide users afterviewing the thread :wink:

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