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Hi everyone.

I’m new here and would like to ask about an issue I’d like help with!

What I would like is for a user to be able to search multiple search terms at once: eg. Name, Location, Skill.

The user would really only be able to narrow down their search by being able to search for all of those at the same time - could someone advise me please?

Thank you so much!


Not sure it would work, I have to try it later, but can we have a template column to join all those information together and do a search by that field?

Otherwise, if you don’t have that many fields to search, can multiple choices component work?

I’m not entirely sure how it could work. The user inputs their data: name, occupation, location, skills etc

Then another user comes along and has only a partial part of that whole user’s info but wants to search for them. So they may remember the location and skill but not the name but they want to find the name and then browse the profile.

Does that make sense?

Thank you SO much for you reply - really appreciate it!

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Not sure this is exactly what you need, but checkout the Multi-Match Filter in this:

If you still need help setting it up message me.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh I will check it out!

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