🔎 Glide: Search Box Tips and Tricks

Glide’s in-app search box doesn’t allow for advanced searches. See how you can add tags to your content (and then hide them!) in order to improve your users’ search results.


Like the new videography ! :+1::+1::+1:

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Two questions:

  1. do Rich Text get searched (or is it strictly ‘plain text’ only)?
  2. Cool video - what tool / service are you using to make it?

Thanks - very helpful. I learned new things and have already put them into practice. Great job, @Robert_Petitto !

It seems to work on rich text as well (I just did a test on my app - Members view - and picked a word that only existed in the ‘Bio’ in one doc, presented currently as a Rich Text field). The Bio column itself is just Text.

Yes…any text works …rich text, basic text, basic column text, title component etc. It does NOT work with any sort of captions (card view captions, image captions, etc.).

Screenflow for Mac :wink:

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Thank you so much :pray: for your tips , video and this message. I looked exactly this information: how to add more search criteria since yesterday! Very useful and easy to apply!