Curious - What exactly does the search bar search?

Hi @Mark @david, I’m working on an app template and @Deena gave great feedback about the limitation of the search bar.

Apparently, when users type to search products, only the product title, product description and price is searchable from the list.

I would like for users to search the product based on other fields (like category, brand, etc.) I tried to create additional text field and populate them to test of the search bar would pick up on the terms but it didn’t work.

I assumed that the search bar only works on searching text fields from a record but in practice it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can you shed any light on how the search bar function works?

I’m hoping some insight will allow me to create a workaround so that users can search by other terms than just the price, product and description.

A link to the app is below if you’d like to test for yourself.


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You should be able to search any values that are visible in the list or the details of the list items.


I gave that feedback based on my experience that search of an inline list will return results from any words on the details pages which is amazing and exactly how it should be…so I’m surprised! Great to ask for the official answer!

That’s what I thought, but when I added the components to the detail screen, the search bar didn’t pick it up.

It might be because the component was a text column pulled from a template and not a text field?

I’ll play around with it and see.

Thanks for the response Jeff!

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The search bar just needed a little “reboot”. Removing and then adding it back did the trick!

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