Curious - What exactly does the search bar search?

We have never had any official documentations on what is searchable and what’s not, so whenever I run into situations like this I just go back to the text component to make sure it works.

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Sorry if this is considered bad practice, this thread is kind of old.
But I have some more info on this topic.
I had a detail window with a date input, a text input, a number input, a choice, and a Phone input.
The choice and phone input were NOT searchable.
As advised above, I added the choice value, and the phone number as a text component and set it to hidden. And they WERE searchable.
Might be interesting info for future use.

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I still use that method, so I would not consider it bad practice.

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My search bar doesnt search on field in detail screen anymore…!!!
Only in the list…

The field where i want search is a computed column wich is put in text component…before today was working fine…
With a classic text column its working…

Have someone the same issue ?

Thank you

What type of computed column are you using?


One is an advanced text (like removeaccent)
In another case that’s a lookup column (which look the previous)

In this sentence, do you mean it works with a normal/basic text column, but not with those computed columns?


Not sure if I can help more here, maybe Glide changed something under the hood, and that can not be considered a bug to report since they never said what’s searchable and what’s not.

Search : Match !

Search : No Match !

with the computed column : No Match !

With the basic text field : Match !

Do you think I’ll have to report ?

I see that your computed column is all lowercase. Just for the sake of trying, does the search work if you type in all lowercase?

I noticed a change today also

No !
lowercase don’t work too

I noticed too that search via collection only finds words displayed in the title, description and meta fields. It appears if you have additional content in a non displayed column or the text is only displayed in the details view (not the collection view), it wont be picked up. Is this the expected behavior now?

Have you tried putting it in a HTML template but the color of the text is white, and don’t set any conditions on the component?

I havent tried that yet, but Id suspect that because there is significant text, with it being white would just show a bunch of white space no?

How about limiting the height of the parent div?

Ugh… I just noticed this wasn’t working like before and immediately came here to check if it was something on my end or if, sadly, they changed something again.

I have a “removeaccent” div with display=none in the details view, which is a workaround for the search feature not being customizable, and it’s not searching there it anymore.

Worst part is Glide doesn’t even say those little details, and then, when they change something, there’s no way to find out, only when it hits you in the face.

I’m so tired, you can’t even report this as a bug because it’s just a functionality change. Same thing with (Possible) Bug in search behavior of Inline Lists which was just a functionality change and they didn’t even answer my report.

Same issue with my experience remove accent invisible in detail view… and no match with search bar anymore…