Search bar in App - characters with accents

Hi I am working on a translation app for French legal terms into English.
Obviously some of the French words have accents eg crédit immobilier
If the user keys in credit ie not crédit no result
Is there anything I can do ?

No result from what?
What I mean is - what are you doing with the user input?
If you’re translating from French to English, then whatever method you’re using to do the translation should expect and cater for accented characters, no?

Update: Apologies - I didn’t even look at your topic description, duh.

Hi Daren
Well yes you would think!
But when (some) English speakers hear a French word they more often than not don’t know if a character has an accent or not.
So they hear the word crédit they normally would not type in the accent on the e.
so in the search bar, entering credit will not populate the page with the result.

yeah, I get it. As I noted above, I originally skimmed over the title of your post and just read the content. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I can’t think of anyway around this. The search bar is only going to return records that actually match. There’s no way that I can think of to do any sort of smart/fuzzy matching.

I fully understand and thank you for your excellent service…

You could create a template column that takes the column you are searching and replaces any accented characters with non-accented characters. So you would have your original french column and a french with english characters column. I think the search only looks at visible components, so you may or may not have to add a rich text component with some html to hide the converted text. But that should make the search work.

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Thanks Jeff, playing with that… - the search bar seems to look for words anywhere within the Glide Table - is that correct?

I’m not 100% sure if it looks at all columns in the table, or just the ones that are included in the list and in the details view of each list item. Might have to play around. If the search still doesn’t work, then try adding the template column as a text component in the details view of the list and see if that works.