Bilingual Ideas

Hey community,

Is there any ideas and examples for bilingual apps or a showcase on this, because I succeeded in only adding the title of a certain button or a title of a field but the Tab, unfortunately, will have to create another total tab for the menu section because there is no ability to modify the name or look it up from the table

I have done this for one of my client’s app. The idea is to create multiple rows in the same sheet, let’s say “Menu” for languages you want to show.

For example I create rows for English and French, then fill the corresponding translations in multiple columns.

In the user profiles sheet, I have a “Preferred Language” column that they can change anytime, and in this case it would contain choice values English and French.

In the Menu tab, in the tab level filter, I filter Language is Signed-in user’s Preferred Language, so the right row would be shown to them.

I still can’t get it becauwe If I created relation relation should be multi rule which will end by selecting only the results that has one row

We don’t have to use relations here. Only need a user profiles setup and a tab that stores the bilingual content.

If you want to do it the proper way @Yasin_Hassanien pls contact @Mark and say you want to add your language to Glide languages. I just finished adding a language. I’ll announce it when shipped. Glide would gladly add the language for you. It’s not really hard. No more than 200 hundred phrases to translate, and because It’s permanent, you can use your language as the default language of your app.

You can always then translate any new sentences you may want to add under a particular section using whatever your translation source.

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