Can a Glide app be multilingual? For me: just FR & EN

Hi all :slight_smile:
Not sure I found neither in Feature Requests, nor elsewere…

I’m considering translating my app (in French currently) in English.
I was wondering if I have to create a 2nd app in English
Or if there’s a smart way to show only either language (text col 1 or 2) after the main screen (which can be in both languages, no big deal)

What would you recommend?
Is Multilingual app in the Glide Team pipeline as a Great New Feature?
Or Not at all?

Thks for your Insight :slight_smile:
Enjoy your day & week

Yea. You can have a column in the Users table with “Selected language” which will be FR or EN.
Then in other tables you need to have 3 columns:

  1. is in english
  2. is in french
  3. if column: IF (Selected Language from user profile)=FR take the FR text column, otherwise take the EN text colum

Where ever you show text, choose the IF column (#3)


Yes, thks.
The pb is that most of my users will remain anonymous, so no User Profile…

Can I use like a button/choice on the Home Screen and “set” a “global variable” (I forgot to check the Feature Requests) for the session?

I don’t like to force anyone to login, even if they miss an important feature like seing their firstname everywhere in the UI

I think you can just use a USER SPECIFIC column. and it should work.
give it a try.