Multiple languages

I am developing an app with Glide. It is really important that I should make the app also available in multiple languages (at least more than one other than English). How do I do that with Glide? Like, if a person logs into the app, and presses a button to convert the app into Spanish, for example. Is it possible with the functions that Glide provides? If not, is there a way I can do this through custom coding? If anyone has worked with multiple languages with Glide apps, please also respond to this topic.

HI Tirth, don’t know if it can help, but I currently managed 2 apps with 4 languages each.
Basically what I did is:

  • generate the 4 language strings, in a table with 4 rows … and a lot of columns (1 column each text)
  • during the onboarding (1st step) the user will choose the preferred language, the value will be stored in its profile (i.e. ES)
  • and now… different screens: basically based on the user_language you have 2 options
    A) load the corresponding value from table 1 into the user-profile table, and use it in the screen
    B) (tedious) use the If_then function to select the text based on the user-language

Now, with the query it should be probably faster, didn’t test it yet, I will do that in 10 days for a new project.

I hope it could help


Yes… you can create a translator for your content… check my sample… 67 languages!

Thanks, @Uzo. How did you do it? Was it through custom coding? If not, how?

Yes, I used fetch JSON and JavaScript columns.