Multilingual system

Hello Glide community,

I recently found Glide that will enable what I was thinking in my mind to transform into become an actual web application. Thank you very much.

I have a question/request in terms of language. I would like to prepare all the information (same) both in English and Japanese. It would be great if we could have the |ENG / JPY| icon on the upper right corner of the page for example. Or do we have such a function built in already?

Looking forward too your response/feedback!

Hi @eigaxtabi , welcome to our little club :slight_smile:

Some text elements of your Glide apps will be in the language of the device. See the app info section with the “i” or in the hamburger menu where you’ll see “Author”, “Share”, “Support”, “Security”.

As for the other text elements that live in your tables (Glide Tables or Google Sheets), it would be up to you to have multiple language versions. You could then create a “Settings” tab with a language option.

There are examples of Glide multilingual apps, you might be able to find them by searching this forum.


Here’s an example by @yinon_raviv.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh yes.
@eigaxtabi If you have questions feel free to ask

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This is a sample of the language switching page.
The app can be copied.


4 languages App sample: LINK

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.07.38 AM


it displays good… i think

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Uzo, please tell me.
Is Japanese displayed correctly in your environment?

i just post image… check, because don’t know if this is correct :wink:
looks good to me.

Thank you Uzo.
The Japanese of the image is displayed correctly.
That means …
Japanese is displayed correctly even in an app in an English environment.
It’s very interesting.
I would also like to ask people in other language environments.
Can I upload an image with JP selected?

i did, you don’t see it? you even click like on that image…

Thank you Uzo.
I checked your image.

I would like to ask people in languages other than English.
Is it possible to upload an image with JP selected?

image is with JP selected…
ill do it again:

Thank you Uzo.
The Japanese displayed in the image you posted looks correct.

Dear all,

Massive thanks to all of you who commented in this feed, and my apologies for being late in responding. I understand that changing languages is possible, utilizing some tools out there. I might have to translate everything from English to Japanese though, but I get it is necessary.

Regarding the application by @hisashi.fujita, it looks fine on my iphone 11 as well. I will check your app further to see if I can apply that to my app.

Thank you all!

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