(Possible) Bug in search behavior of Inline Lists

I don’t know if you turned this into a feature. I really hope you didn’t, because it’s better like it was before. :frowning:

Describe the bug:
(This is about a Classic App)

  • After using the native search of an Inline List, when you tap on a resulting item to see it’s details and then use the Back button, the search is cleared.

Expected behavior:

  • I’m 99,99999% sure that, until a few days ago, the search wasn’t cleared after going back to the list, and it’s been like this since forever.

How to replicate:

  • Type something in a native search field of an Inline List. Tap on a resulting item. Tap on the Back button.

Link to demo recording:

Try launching your Details view as an Overlay vs Main/Current. Closing the Overlay both keeps your search as well as scroll placement

Thanks @Joe_Gabriele, but how do I do that?

The only way I can think of is through the “Action” section of the Inline List config panel, but I don’t seem to find anything that let me choose Overlay.

I mean… this wasn’t the behavior until a few days ago. I didn’t change anything and suddenly my app started to clear the search box after going back from a Details view.

I guess the first question I should ask is, are you using Old Apps or New Apps (Pages)?

If you’re using Pages, you’ll see options under Navigation Target:

If you’re using Old Apps, then its probably a Bug or Change. Most likely a Bug as I don’t see them spending any time enhancing Old Apps.

Yeah… I’m using Classic Apps.

I don’t get that option, that’s why I didn’t find it.

Thanks for your time. Let’s see if they read this message.

No words from Glide about this bug report?

I would suggest submitting a ticket.

" Support is not available for Personal apps. If you need help with your app, please visit the Community Forum."

Even though it’s Pro.

@SantiagoPerez Can you help with this? What do we classify as a “Personal” app?

Exactly where do you see that message? (what did you click on before you saw it?)
Can you show me a screen shot?

I’m one of those people who will get less features and will have to pay more if I move my only Pro app to the “new” pricing scheme.

It clearly says “My apps” is not supported, I understand, but I’m talking about a bug, not a support request for not knowing how something works.

mmm, okay, that’s what I suspected. I think that message is just a generic message rather than anything specific to the selected App. For example, I see the exact same message with Apps in my Enterprise team account.

That said, I get your point. There is really no option for users to report genuine bugs unless they have a plan that allows raising a support ticket - other than posting here in the Community.

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure that folks in the Glide team look through bugs reported here, although they won’t always respond to or acknowledge them. Problem is, I’d expect that (non-critical) bug fixes for Classic Apps would be way down near the bottom of the list as far as priorities go.

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Personal apps are those in the Free or Starter Plans. These plans are designed for personal use such as family budgets, grocery lists, among other things.