Search bar greyed out all of the sudden

My app’s URL:

I cannot uncheck the search bar (it’s greyed out) and now it shows up all the time on this detail view page.

Any ideas?


What else do you have on that screen?
As the message indicates, search is enabled because there is a searchable component on the page.
That usually means you have an inline list on the page somewhere.

This is a detail page. The search is controlled in the search settings of Inline Lists on the page.

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Yes, I have 2 inline lists but I don’t need to search anything in them.
Actually, the search bar wasn’t there originally. It only showed up when I removed the title image.
I restored the title image, but now the search bar remains and cannot be unchecked :frowning:

Redoing this page would be a pain because the inline lists have several custom actions that would have to be recreated from scratch (because actions cannot be reused at this moment).

As David said, it’s likely one of your inline lists has the search enabled by mistake, can you please check it?

Fixed! One of the inline lists had search enabled.

Wow! I think this is the fastest response forum in the Universe :slight_smile:


Someone is here 24/7 :slight_smile: