🐛 Searchable Components Are Unsearchable?

My app’s URL: hoovertech.glideapp.io

Hey Glide Team, I created a video demonstrating how searchable components set up within my app don’t seem to be searchable. Tried to remove the Search bar feature because nothing was coming up in the results when I typed in keywords, but couldn’t. Anyone know what might be happening here, and why nothing comes up in Search? Thanks for your help.

You can enable the search functionality for each Inline List individually. You have it enabled for at least one of the lists, but not for all.

It seems like that’s confusing, sorry. The intention was that you might not want all Inline Lists on the page to be searchable, so you can enable/disable them individually.

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Ok, so do I have to enable it for all in order for the search feature to work on this page?

That the idea. Enable search on all the inline lists you want to be searchable


Hi @mark, would be great if we could move the position of the “search bar”.
Use case: this bar is very useful, and for instance may be on a home screen, but, we want to position it at the middle of the page …
With it being at the top, it’s not ok in terms of UX/UI