Search bar visible when Inline List is not visible

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I have an Inline List with the “Show search bar” option checked and I have a Visibility filter condition on the Inline List.

When the Visibility condition is true, I can see the Inline List and the Search bar normally. The issue is when the Visibility condition is false: in this case, the Inline List is hidden but the Search bar is still visible (at the top of the screen).

Is this a known issue? Have I configured something incorrectly? I’m a new user. Thanks.

I’m guessing you found a scenario that’s never been considered. Probably nothing that you are doing wrong.

Hi, I’m also having a similar issue.
I have a tab with the ‘detailed’ layout view and I don’t seem to have a ‘display/show’ search bar option.

This would be really useful.

@Victor_Olawuni You can choose search on an inline list component that’s placed on a detail page.

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awesome! thank you

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