Back button from detail screen does not return to previous row position in inline list

Hello, everyone. New user here experiencing a problem that appears to have occurred for some others in the past.

From an inline list (say row 50) I click an item to view the detail screen. When I click the Back button from the detail screen, I am returned to the inline list at the row 1 position.

Interestingly, when I click the Edit link from the inline list (say row 50), after clicking the Cancel or Submit buttons on that Edit screen I am returned to the row 50 position.

The following links appear to describe the same problem occurring in 2022.

I tried the automated support with no luck. Is this a bug?

It’s behavior that has not made it yet to the top of the pile of needed enhancements. Hopefully sometime soon :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the reply. In my case it’s kind of a show stopper if I can’t return the user to where they were at in their work flow.

It appears that I can change the Item Click action to an Overlay navigation target to ensure that the user’s inline list position is held upon closing the overlay screen. I don’t see any ill effects from taking that approach.

Thanks, again!


An overlay doesn’t “reset” the underlying screen, that’s why when you close it, the underlying screen is still where it was.

If you navigate to another screen and come back, the current behaviour means it is fully reloaded and can’t remember where you were the last time.

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Makes sense to me now. Thank you!

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