Back button of details screen returns to the top of tab

Usually when scrolling through an inline list on a tab (list or details layout) if user goes to the details screen of that list item, on the back button the user is taken back to where they were on the tab.

However some users report being taken back to the top of the tab which is very annoying when going through routine row by row tasks.

Any idea why this could happen? Is it in our hands to help redesign or fix the app not to do this as I assume the default in Glide is for this not to happen. What could be causing it?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Is this in Glide Apps only?

I am getting a similar issue. Users go down a form and when they get to a dropdown choice button, after selecting their choice, the navigation goes back to the top of the screen. I have been getting reports for about 2 weeks now.

Nothing in the app has changed for months.

I have a report on this in Apps (Android device). not sure if it happens on pages or on other devices.

Please submit a ticket here.