UX while navigating through details pages is faulty


Describe the bug:
While navigating through pages, the app is not resetting to go back to the top of a details page, so if a user navigates back to a details page later, they will land in the random spot they left off instead of it resetting back to the top.

Expected Behaviour:
When a user leaves and page and then goes back to it later, it should be reset back to the top of the page.

How to replicate:
Click on a profile and scroll to a random section. leave profile and navigate elsewhere. Go back to profile and you’ll land on the random place you left off instead of being back at the top.


I would argue that this is the behavior I want though. I do have a few cases where I have a very long inline list, say for a news app, and if I am reading item 500 out of 1000 and come back I would not want to scroll from 1 again to read item 501.

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Hah, ok 1000. That sounds like a situation that needs a favorites list or a way to save where you left off lol. I feel like remaining where you left off makes sense for a list tab, but not for a details page? But more curiously, I feel like it didn’t do that before. I’ve only noticed it in the past several days!

That behaviour seems to have changed recently. I can recall people asking for this exact behaviour in the forum.

FYI if you double tap on the upper portion it will automagically scroll you to the top of the screen.