Go back returns to previous place on page/app/list

When using breadcrumbs or back button Glide takes the user back to the top of the previous page instead of where the user left from.

With dashboards this is very annoying. Clicking for ‘details’ from two or more ‘scrolls’ down on the page sends you back to the top upon returning where you then have to scroll back down to get back to the place where you started.

I am sure this has been requested but could not find it in the feature requests. This thread discussed not going back to the same location within a ‘list’ - but it is the same for location on a page.

From @nathanaelb on Sep '23 - Back button from detail screen does not return to previous row position in inline list

It’s behavior that has not made it yet to the top of the pile of needed enhancements. Hopefully sometime soon :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: