Navigating away from a tab that isn't in its first position

Not sure if this is a feature request or just something to open for discussion.

Most of apps have links from lists to details page and so on. An issue I’m having is when a user is on a particular tab and starts moving around inside that tab, they’re brought down several “levels”. If that user then clicks on another tab, the first tab remains in its position and doesn’t “reset” to the first view of the tab.

In my mind, when I click a tab, I should be brought to its “home” as opposed to where I left off. I’m sure this can change depending on the app’s use and purpose, but for most other apps I use, it’s common for tabs to always bring me to their first “page” if I navigate away then navigate back to it.

I’m mixed on this. I’ve been in situations where it’s nice to flip back and forth between tabs and keep the previous view I was on. I’ve also been in situations where I wish it had gone to the tab’s home screen.
Usually if that happens, I can always double tap the tab to reset it back to it’s home screen.


Whoa didn’t know about the double tap on the tab to go to first level. Good to know and kind of solves the issue. Thanks!

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