Split content on Details screen

Hi guys!

I’d like to arrange a lot of fields on two or more tabs. Not Glide Tabs. I mean casual tabs on the page. So, I’ve just created the “Choice component” and added filter-based on this selector (Example: Main Info | Analytics |, etc). Look at my picture.

Sorry for the non-English screenshot. I’m sure this is enough to understand me.

It works fine! Tabs are splitting info as I want. But, the Choice field stores the last value, and if I back to this record later, I’ve found chosen non-first tab. Do you have some help with this case? Or maybe there is another way to make tabs inside the Details screen?

Anyway, thank you guys for the help!

Add a step to the action that opens this screen to clear the value of your user specific column.


Wow!!! It works!!!

Thank you very much, friend!!! I’m so happy! :wink:

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