Creating tabs or links to certain containers or data

Hi all,
I’m looking into how I can create the look of tabs (webpage tabs not app) that can link to a certain container or group of list.

I have a table with all the data needed but would like to create sections for that data ie Personal Information, Flights, Accomodation etc. I would like to use something like choice chips or the like to link to those certain sections of data but I can’t find out how to do that.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


You can use a choice component pointing to a user-specific column to store the choice of the user.

Then, you show components based on that choice. Let’s say if user-speciifc column’s value is “Item one” then you show an image and a text component, if the value is “Item two” then you show something else.

You configure those visibility conditions for each component you want to show/hide based on the choice value.

How would you do that if it’s a sub-set of the data in a row and not a dedicated decision column? ie I have all information for a booking so Personal Info, Flights, Accomodation ect… those have 4-5 fields in each… I want to have a tab that says Personal information and show only that information not all of the row of data?

I have them all as 1 row as i’m parsing email for that said data.

So it’s one row of booking and you want to separate the information of said booking into sections?

It is really the same concept, you just have to decide which component are you going to use. If it’s Glide Apps, I suggest using a table to display those. If it’s Glide Pages, you can use Fields component.

If you need further help, please provide some screenshots of how you are setting up your data. Thank you.

So let’s say I want to split Travel Info into a tab with the “Flight Destinations” and Flight “Origons” then I want a second tab with Flight Times with the “Departure Date” “Departure Time” “Arrival Date” and “Arrival Time” data in it???

As long as you show them in a details view of each booking then you should be good.

Create a user-specific column to house your user’s choice on what to view, then if their choice is “Flight Times”, show a basic table/fields component showing just “Departure Date” “Departure Time” “Arrival Date” and “Arrival Time”. Same concept for the other sections you may want to have in there.

Sorry i’m really new… do you have an example of what that would look like?

Something like this.

ohh yes sorry I meant what it might look like on the data side :slight_smile:

Do you mean this?

Ok so it can only be achieved if it’s a dedicated column with the choices and not an aggregate of data from a row?

I can’t do that, or I haven’t figured out my database in a way that will allow me to do it as a dedicated column as each column at the moment is a new person’s flight information

I’m not sure what you mean by “aggregate of data from a row”. Can you specify how it differs from my example?

Sorry if I wasn’t very clear. I want to create tabs that only show data from the row of information. So in screenshots you will see the data I want to show that’s linked to a different tabs.

I’m looking at doing this on display and edit screens if I can

I’m not sure how that is different from my example, or do you want to show data from different rows?

Correct. All the information from a group of columns across all rows.

So do you have a visual example on how the result would look like? It sounds like you just need to have different inline lists/collections here.

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 10.00.12 am.png…

I can have them in containers as sections where I manually group them but i’m wanting to try and have them as tabs/chips/segment control so it’s less scrolling on the page.

Please forgive the noobie looking state it’s in :slight_smile: many more things I need to work through

So I take it you want to show multiple bookings for the Melbourne - Tullamarine - Sydney route?

Nah I want to have each of those containers as tabs. So as you see it’s multiple columns of data from a single row or data

I should caveat that I may have not setup my data in the best way