Tabbed Tables & Detail Screen: as alternatives to vert scrolling

Hi, Team & Community🌸
I’d like to jump :kangaroo:
In Tables: using customizable labeled tabs (like in a spreadsheet, but) to show only one row at a time with the best visibility. And visibility can be set to show default tab (like New User vs Regular, etc.).

In Detail Screens: using the same kind of tabs to organize contents by type / section, ex:
Summary | Details | Videos | Gallery | Podcasts | Links | More Resources | Credits | Last Update | Author

And provided we can catch components by their name or access the 1st component of type “Video”, clicking on the Videos tab will anchor to that tab containing all the videos.
This way, with so little room on mobile, user feels the place is not cluttered or lengthy to scroll down. And can jump directly to his/her favorite part.
Thks :cherry_blossom:
I suggest tabs as it’s easy to visualise, but I’m sure you can find cute & more avant-garde UI ideas

I would love a built in feature, but you can accomplish this with a choice component, user specific columns, and visibility conditions.



Gnaw :teddy_bear: your cute dancers again :man_dancing::dancer:
But can you display videos and even tables, long text inside? (can I say Rich Text?)
Imagine you want to display a Book presentation with Book Cover, Pitch, 1st extract, ISBN (I wanted to type the Copyright symbol © and by pressing AltGr C, I got confettis in my Gmail: easter egg I did’nt know about! OK, end digression), Book Trailer/Teaser, Author Bio, Author Biblio, QR Code, Bar Code, Acknowlegements, Editor’s forewords, etc.
Will that fit nicely?
Thks, Jeff.
BTW, I assume you can add/replace the titles with icons / emoticons for videos, images, etc.?

It’s just a details screen, so you can display whatever you want. In my app, I have several different components on one screen, but I have visibility conditions to show only those components that are related to the choice (tab) that the user has chosen.

Seems like you want to have a lot of tabs. I’m using the horizontal segmented choice style. At most, you can only have 5 choices, which works for me. You could consider the chips choice style, which will wrap and give you many more choices, but may not look as nice. Another alternative would be to create a horizontal inline list with some back end logic to to set a value to use for the visibility conditions, but that’s a lot more involved and complicated.

The choice component doesn’t allow you to add images. Only text and emoticons.


Noted. 5 should do for my app (I don’t need to do a book shelf yet, but I had to give the limits, old Dev’s reflex in order not to be stuck somewhere)

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I think the dropdown choice will be the least worst option (French categories can have many words and letters), with an invite like “Show me the”. I’ll try to organize the Glossary with that.

:new:Edit 21:40 CET. I’m thinking of a possible TOC like:

(Icon) 3 videos
(Icon) 2 images
(icon) 4 links
Last updated

User clicks on 1 row to show the filtered content. No pb for any length of items (about 15 chars max in French, each line)

Would that be easy reliable enough to do or I’d better stick to the dropdown choice?
And only the available categories are shown, of course.

I tried this and it’s showing fine, thks, Jeff :blush: And it’s consistent with the icons I show in my inline lists to access all Glossary terms.
With pictures (I couldn’t manage yet to display Hero icons, they show as a long list of “codes”) so that I don’t need to singular/pluralize. And just KISS (Keep It Short & Simple). Besides, I wonder if I can mix Text + Hero Icons because there’s no icon to represent “All” easily understandable. For now, I can only show the Hero Icons in the Tables, not in components.
The picture says :
All | Photo.S | Video.s | Link.s

I don’t like to have to use rows to “declare fixed keywords”
I don’t feel safe to have to create a user-specific column to save the choice in the very table where I have so many lines of definitions I worked hard to summarize. Could anything happen to my data because of one user-specific column in the same table?
I know I’m using USC for swipes and private notes, but I feel concerned anyway.

EDIT 13:49 CET @Jeff_Hager The pb is now that it would be better to show only the icons that are relevant. I.e. I show Picture.s | Video.s | Link.s if there are all 3, but if there’s only 2/3 or 1/3?

1st Idea: Can a choice component be populated by an array in a column (with only existing relevant items) instead of rows in a column? (Hier, it would be 4 rows)
It would really be stupid and click-waste to display a choice that is not available.
Thks :cherry_blossom:

Hero icons are SVG images, so they very much different than emoji. Emoji are considered characters, like any letter on your keyboard. Hero icons are images. So hero icons will only work in places that accept images, whereas emoji work in any places that accept only text. The choice continent doesn’t show images.

If I have data that I feel confident will never be deleted, then a lot of times I will mix user specic columns with that data and the first row is used to store my choice. Otherwise, I will create a new table with a single row to act as my screen driver and storage for user specific choices. It all depends on the situation. In either case, user specific columns will never affect your actual data.