Choice Component taking effect in another tab

Hi all, I’m new to Glide and am trying to figure out the below problem:

I have setup a user specific choice component on Tab A and am using this to only showcase information as per the user’s topic selection there. Tab A also has an image link to another tab, Tab B. Tab B showcases deeper information about the same topics the user could chose from on Tab A, but has a different choice component of its own to toggle the visibility of information.

I am trying to figure a way that the Choice component on Tab B is initially set to the same selection as the choice made on Tab A, so that the user can continue reading about the same topic without having to select it again on Tab B.

Any ideas?


Possibly pointing both tabs to a sheet where you store the user-specific column, then create inline lists for 2 different sheets and filter by that column?

Nice Idea … But I unfortunately cannot point the 2 tabs to the same sheet … Any other idea? I honestly feel I have not completely understood the relations and the in line list functions … Have seen the explainer videos a few times but am still confused :neutral_face:

What prevents you from doing so? I assume you can create 2 tabs in the app and point them to the same sheet in your data source spreadsheet. Can you try it again?

So here’s the thing:

I am actually making a sports statistics application and I have over 200 columns in the sheet for one tab and another 100 columns in the other. On top of that, I very painstakingly setup over a 100 components with various different visibility settings on each of the tabs. I just don’t have it in me to mess with the setting there and start over from scratch on either tab.

However, I do need the same functionality on another tab that I will start to build soon. So will try out your suggested method there and if it works well, I’ll let you know.

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That’s great commitment and I hope we can see the final app soon!

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Thanks for your help and kind words … much appreciated :smile: … If you do come up with another way (with less changes to the front end) to solve this. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Hey @ThinhDinh … It worked :smile: … Looking to build out the same on the previous tab soon now … Thanks a lot :vulcan_salute:

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