How to add tabs

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Hello everyone!
Is it a way to add tabs like on my screenshot?



You can use a horizontal (segmented) choice component and let the selected value control visibility of different components on the screen.


Thank you!

So I need to create a column with “Column is user-specific”, right?

Yes preferably. Otherwise, if you have multiple users, then they would be switching the tabs on each other. A user specific column will keep each choice specific to each user.

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Hi, if you also want to refine the display of the inline list according to the selection of the choice component (ex. gender) AND grouped by the categories of this selection (ex.woman, man)

In the dataeditor:

  • “Single Value” field (select ‘First’) based on the “User Specific” field of the Choice component
  • “IF” field with “If Single Value is (‘choice option 1’ entered manually), then (column related to this option), idem for option 2, 3…”
    NB: if the words of the source values of the Choice component are changed, they must also be changed in the “IF” field.

In screen:

  • Choice component
  • Inline list “Grouped by” the “IF” field