Can I Make the Data Column for a Choice Component User-Specific?

I have an app that is public, no sign-in required (or wanted). I have a number-entry component, where the column it writes to is user-specific (so that all users don’t see when one user is entering a number).

I tried to do the same with a choice component, make that data column user-specific too. But when I do, there are no values to choose from in the drop-down list. Is there a way to also make this user-specific, so that the same choice doesn’t appear for all users?

Maybe this is what I’m experiencing too? What is your source? Mine is an airtable.

I submitted a ticket already.

Just a Glide table. I just need a user to be able to select from a choice component without that choice showing to other users who are on the same screen at the same time.

Are you making the source column User Specific, or the target column?

The target column should be User Specific.
The source column should not be User Specific.

If you have the source column User Specific, that would explain the behaviour that you see.


If i understand your problem, i create a user’s list with diferents numbers for all. Then, a specific column to number entry with choice component. Finally, i use a filter…
Something like that

Thank you all for your replies, and this did fix th problem. Thanks again!

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