Can this be done via User Specific Columns?

I am trying to build a timesheet app. I have a tasklist sheet with a list of projects and subprojects. There are a total of 14 rows on the tasklist sheet.

Each team member needs to be approved to work on tasks. Team names are listed in columns in the same sheet. So imagine an array of tasks in rows and team names in columns. An ‘X’ is placed in that cell if that team member has approval to work on that task.

I now want to have a choice component that only offers the tasks that a team member has approval to work on. Can I accomplish this by utilizing the user specific column feature?

Thankyou for all your help.

How many teams do you have? I think a better structure is that you have as many columns as
you have teams (or team members) then use choice components to assign tasks to them
rather than using user-specific columns here.

User-specific columns are more about letting each user interact with the same
column in their own way.

Thankyou. So if I create one column for Sarah’s tasks and a second column for Jane’s tasks then how do I make sure that the choice component pulls the correct column values based on the user signed in?

I mean you should structure it like this.

Task | User Allowed 1 | User Allowed 2

Then for each user allowed column, you have a choice component that sources from your list of emails.

So now you have an array of columns that stores only the users that are allowed to do each task.

Next, you can have a template column that stores the signed-in user’s email.

Make a relation matching that template column back to the array of emails. If the relation is not empty they can do the task.

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Brilliant! Works like a charm. Thankyou so much for walking me through each step. Much appreciated!

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Nice to have been able to help! Do let me know if you need more assistance :smile: