Tabs and sheets

I have two different tabs based on the same sheet. Each tab has it’s own components.
One of the tabs is “home” (the first screen) and the second one is profile.
Until now Glide always opened Home screen when the new user logged in but today the other user’s profile was opened for the new user as a first screen.

Question: is it just “bad luck” or two different tabs should not be based on the same sheet?
PS. all components have a conditional view based on logged in user

Are you sure you have conditional visibility for the profile tab?

Yes, the condition is: show when email (in “profile” sheet) is logged in user. It happened just once and now it works well again.
But what is not clear to me now after this case:

if I have two or more different tabs based on the same Gsheet, each of them has some unique set of components - when I tap on the tab - is it possible that components of another tab for this sheet will be opened? Do we need to set some additional conditions to separate these tabs which is not easy since we don’t have conditional visibility for tabs?

Before this case happened I was sure that - No - only components that belong to this tab will be opened.

What is especially strange for me: two tabs - one of them is “Home” - the first screen after user logged in and the second one - profile which can be open only from the menu. How it can be that the profile tab opened first instead of the Home screen?

Each component should have its own visibility settings, it doesn’t matter if 2 tabs are showing info from the same sheet.

This is quite strange. Do you have a video of this happening that you can share?

Unfortunately I don’t have a video of this happening.

I was guiding the client from another town by phone how to start using our app and after logging in she told me - OK, I see now photo and other information… - It was photo and info from my profile… It was step by step procedure, she commented every step… so no chance that she while browsing the app eventually opened my profile - it was her first screen!

After this happening I started to think - if it is good practice to create more than one tab per sheet?

Regarding visibility settings - I am quite aware of this technique and use it all the time.