Redirect on Signin


Is there a way to redirect a user to a specific screen once they sign in? Basically, I’d like them to sign in and then be redirected to their profile to complete additional fields.


You can make the first tab your Profile tab, and signing in will always bring you to the first tab.

Interesting, I did not know about that functionality. I will need to try that! Guessing its the first Glide Sheet and sometimes my order of Google Sheets does not update in Glide

I tried to move my User’s Glide Sheet to be first but it does’t move at all. The Users Sheet is the first one in Google though. Any suggestions?

Don’t try to move the sheet. That won’t make a difference. Instead move the app tab to be the first tab on the left.

You could also add visibility conditions on the tabs to only show the user profile tab until they complete their profile. Then set a value that will hide the profile tab and show the other tabs.

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Ok, so to keep my current layout the same, I should create a duplicate Tab of My Profile and move it to the far left of “Home”. Then make it only visible if “Profile Name” is “empty” and make my current My Profile Tab (on far right) visible only if “Profile Name” is “not empty”?

No, you can use the same tab. Either move the existing tab so it’s always first, or keep it where it is and hide all the other tabs until the profile is complete.

Basically, you cannot select which tab will be the first tab seen when opening the app. It will always be the first tab on the left, you have to work around that by moving whichever tab you need to the left, or hide all other tabs, so the only tab that’s visible becomes the default tab seen first.

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Thank you

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