How to make certain users see one page of a google sheet only and another use see another page of the same google sheet

I want to create two tabs that are linked by email login. for example if someone logs in with they get access to tab 1 and if they enter they get tab 2.

Hey @Munch_Team,

Have you tried to use the tab visibility conditions?

Maybe something like if email is and the opposite for the other.


ohh ok it seems like itll work. I have a problem though: whenever I create a new tab on glide, it doesnt show up on my original google spreadsheet. so basically I can’t pull data

How are you creating these tabs?

clicking the plus button on the bottom right and then clicking add new glide table.

but, when im creating a new tab on my google sheet that’s already linked to glide, the tabs dont show up on glide when im creating them

Those are Glide Tables and they are not going to get written in your google sheets. They live in Glide and your data will live in Glide.

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They only show if you have data in them and you have refreshed glide editor.

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