New Visablity Tab Per Client

I’ve tested the Visibility Tab using visible by email, I’m wondering if this is the best way to set up an app, I’m wanting to use 1 tab per client - each client would have its own googlesheet page and data.

Example: one tab visible to ABC Company and another tab visible to XYZ Company, etc, set the tab visibility by email

Seems this would work but not sure if there is a limit on the tabs allowed by Glide, as well as pages allowed in googlesheets

If anyone has worked on something similar please let me know!

Do the tabs have the same layout? You can just keep one tab and display information based on user information about which company they come from I suppose.

Yes the Glide tabs would be same layout, and googlesheet page will have more/less columns per client

Wirhout knowing fully what you want to show, I don’t think having many tabs with the same layout will be a good practice until we get tab duplicating option.