Mask TAB and/or Filter TAB Label/Icon

Glide allows to set User Profiles that is very useful to define different user Access Level for different Layouts (components Filtering/Visibility). That’s fine but this is not enough because each profile should cover different user needs.

The figure below summarizes an example with “Local Food Market” application.
There are 3 type of sheets (filled Forms): Products, Orders and Clients.
For the Client there are 3 basic functions, and for the Seller 3 other basic functions.

So now the problem is the following: Even if all the logic behind allows to manage several functions via one TAB, which label (and icon) should be given to each of these TAB ?
 For the Client, it could be : Select&Order, Follow&Modify, Registration, but these labels are not significant for the Seller !
 For the Seller, it could be : Update Products List, Orders Volume, Order/Client but these labels are not significant for the Client !

To solve this issue, I saw following solutions, but each one has big drawback:
• Use 6 TAB => not UI friendly, because in both case 3 TAB will be empty and not useful
• Use 2 Glide App, 1 for the Client, 1 for the Seller => expensive, difficult to maintain, not in line with Glide approach I guess

I’m using Glide only since few weeks, so I don’t know all possibilities, but the best solution I see today would be to have the possibility based on User Profile (means Access Level):
• to mask TAB (alternatively 3 on 6 in the example)
• to assign different Label/Icon by Filtering (in order to have only 3 TAB in both cases in the example)

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Good analysis. I find the whole concept of two apps (admin) and (public) a bit weird. But then the realisation hits that Glide editor is dashboard for builders. Gilde apps don’t have a settings tab, which is a drawback for clients. Our clients never get to see the data editor, and should really never get to see it for obvious reasons. The admin app therefore is really their glide editor/dashboard. But you don’t need two apps. In glide you have to improvise. I think what your trying to achieve is possible Inside glide. Take a look at some of the online ordering/delivery themes. Both concepts are quite similar. And, they are doing it with one app. You might want to start thinking along the lines of a sellers sign up section with exclusive access and a visitors sign up section when they come to select and pay. User profile might not be the solution here becz it has its limitations. While it would allow you to separate admin/editing roles and playground with visibility and compute columns, I cannot see how it would allow you to do all other things in your app. You need to use a lot of user specific columns. You can avoid using too many tabs if you use inline lists. Check out the delivery apps.


Thanks Wiz for your answer, would you please remind me which Ordering/Delivery App Template/Example you are referring ?

In my case I don’t think it’s really the issue of Admin vs. Public. I would rather say B2B and B2C approach, means Clients orders products, and Sellers updates in real time their offer (products list).
Please note also there are several Sellers, not only one. Admin profile is on top of that.

I would like to avoid to have 6 TABs where 3 would be used ONLY by the Client profile and 3 others ONLY by the Seller profile.

Another reason why we should tab visibility! It’s been requested quite often…

Hopefully it’s in the works…one step at a time though. User visibility conditions was a huge step for Glide.


Check this one out. It is a multiple sign up market place sort of app. This one is a mini JustEat. So sellers a,b,c, etc sign up. Create accounts. Upload products. Everything is happening live. Customers don’t see what’s going on. All that the customer is interested in is the product and the cart. Multiple customers at the same time are placing orders and I assume making payments. But becz multiple you would need zapier integration or something similar.
I know your saying your business is different. It is I’m sure. But underlying concept is not different.

Here is an example. You can build on it.

Sorry I’m still trying to get my head round how this forum functions work. It’s very poor on ideas. Your screen freezes on you every few minutes and logs you out.

Okay : pleas check out Glides instagram app it’s on the template store.

Here is one I recently developed. 3 tabs not 6.

By the I love your diagram. Very easy to follow!