Is it possible to add restrictions to certain pages/tabs like a members area?


Not yet but we plan to do this (I can’t say when).

For now we suggest making multiple apps against the same sheet.

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This is sort of possible. You currently can’t hide or show a tab, but with some creative use of Per User Data and/or Filters, you could have a list in your members tab that would show the private access area only when the user is authorized.
I sort of do this, in with the Admin demo, but keep in mind that I have the app as public, so it’s not entirely a good example. There’s also a write-up below that might help. It might not be exactly what you want, but it’s a workaround until Glide gives us more user access control.

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Thanks, I think that might work, great suggestion

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This feature has now been shipped! Tab Visibility - Glide Library