Rights access per user or group

Is access rights management per user or user group planned ?
For example, allow some users to view a screen, prohibit others, allow adding items or not …


That’s definitely on our roadmap, but we can’t give you a timeline.

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We have the ability to do this now. And I currently do this with my church app and it works wonderfully. Only certain people have access to certain parts of my app based on their title.
Here are the concept and thought process.
1.Create a new sheet called Goup Menu (This sheet will be used as an accesspoint with many doorways to various parts of your app)
2. Every user will have access to this "accesspoint, but only people with the “Key” can open the door.
3. Give all your users an extra column which decides whether or not this person has the “Key” based on their Group name. You can use "If group = Manager, “Manager”, iF group = “Supervisor”, “Supervisor” etc.
4. Create the various “Doors” in the Group menu to various parts of the app. (These are list items)
example in the group menu you may have a dooway called “Finance” and that refrences your finance sheet with the Key labeled as “Manager”
So you use referencing from the user menu and give that manager user the key to view the door that says finance.
5. The supervisor’s key is labeled “Supervisor” so they won’t match the reference so they won’t see the Finance door.

Rinse and repeat for other doors.
Hope this helps


Hi - interested to see how you’ve set this up. I have a simpler use case where I as the ‘Admin’ want to be able to see things like the App Logins sheets, Purchases sheet, etc…

What’s the privacy settings in your app? Public? Email/pin? Whitelist?

When the first logins on how do you assign the correct Key?

How do you filter the different tabs for each assigned user Key to display?

Appreciate your help.

Keen to check this out also - @Lighted_Candle. Looks like a solid fix for now…

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First create a sheet call it home
create 5 columns in home and call them
Access, description, icon, refrence, menu
Create items in home that represent all the areas/sheet in your app that needs to be accessed whether by regular user or admin.

Example you could have one item called Finance with a description an icon and the reference to the Finance sheet

Note for each additional item listed in home you will need an additional reference column to that respective sheet.

Now for the users.
You will need to add an extra column for your users to decide whether or not they get to see the home ( that’s a presuming you already have a column that indicates your users level)

Name that column home=home:menu:multiple
And in the second line, add a conditional array formula that checks the user level and if it’s a level you want to see the home sheet then display “home” if not “nohome”.

In the home sheet under the menu column you can add keyword “home” for each item

So your sheet privacy will need to be set to public email or whitelist.

Ad a glide tab that has the list of all your users and set the layout to detail. This way the person logs in they will only see the list item that matches their email and only one item will show.

In your glide layout you can add an inline reference that detail layout for that shows yhe home reference column.

So if the users level triggered a “home” then they would see the reference to the home sheet and if they triggered a nohome the reference would be invisible because of the mismatch reference keyword.

Best to do this using the glide menu feature which allows a hamburger menu in the upper left corner. Then just add your user sheet as a tab in that menu with detailed view, and only show the reference to home.

If their level triggers home then it will be in the menu, if not the menu will be empty.

Hope this helps.
This is a simple way but there are more complex access variations that is just too much to explain here. But ultimately you’re able to let whomever se whatever you want them to see based on the level or group you assigned to them.


I’ll try to work on a template

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Template would be awesome. I’m tryinng to build it now but will help.

Hi ya

Did you come up with a spreadsheet? This would be a great help to me. Thanks in advance

Check out the Admin portion of https://concepts.glideapp.io/

That might give you at least my idea of how I would structure something like this.

I would love to see a simple version of this. So many tabs and so much data its hard to see whats going on here.

All tabs are labeled and grouped as such to relate to only the example they are referring to, so even though there is a lot, they should be easy to locate based on name. In all honesty though, that is a really dated and old example. You would be better off incorporating the new user profiles feature in your app. Add a column that contains a users role in the app, the use that user profile role value on any filter or visibility settings within your app. It’s a whole lot easier now, compared to 7 months ago.