Can i define only one admin tab?

Hello Everyone,

I discovered Glideapp by chance from a blog article last week. Since that day, i’m exploring its all features by creating my startup project in glideapp. I’m really enjoying to use such a handy tool. But today i have stuck in following issue:

I’m trying to make an app for analyzing and rating football managers according to their performance in the competitions. So i needed to make a navigation menu which shows related managers’ data of selected competition. I did it on my first Home tab by using choice component with adjusting filter and visibility settings for signed-user. Then i used the same Home tab sheet selection and the same filtering and visibility settings for another tab. But i noticed that signed-in user setting in visibility settings did not work as in Home tab. So i wanted to ask you.

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Do you have any screenshots? I’m having trouble understanding what’s not working.

Hi Jeff, i solved the mentioned issue but a bit different than i initially thought. Actually your previous posts similar to my problem helped me to solve it. My initial thought was to find a way to filter submitted form contents according to signed-user and editing them between tabs. E.g. on the Home tab when the users submits a form, i intended to allow them to edit their form contents on My Profile tab.

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