Is there a way to only show certain tabs to specific users?

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Is there a way or a workaround to only show certain tabs to some specific users ?
Data in on the same sheet, but some tabs must not been shown to certain users).


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You can’t do like that on glideapps.
But you can do tricky use image link > link to screen
The trick is, do if function to image link on google sheet.
=arrayformula(if(XX=“Super User”;"(insert image link here);"")
so the image only shows when the XX fill is “Super User” or whatever do you call it

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Good, but that cannot be used in a multiuser environment, correct ?

I think you would need to eliminate tabs (only show one tab, which makes the tabs at the bottom disappear). If you have a sheet that lists each user email, then you can also add a column that would represent a different sheet. You could either put an image URL in that column or set it up as a reference to another sheet. You would then only fill the columns that each user would have access to. Both options would allow you to use Per User Data (multiusers). If you use the image option that @Muhammad_iqbal describes then you can link each image to a screen and an image would only show for the users that have that column filled with an image URL. If you use the reference option, then refer to my post here, which explains how to do this with multiple inline list.

Like @Muhammad_iqbal said, you can’t currently control tabs at the bottom of the screen per user.

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I do it for multi user
fill your profile first, then when you fill position level, you will see the button that depend on your choice

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That is a beautiful app. That should be a template for others.

No, you can’t do this yet but we are considering a way to allow it.

For now, you can use per-user data, which works within tabs.

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I don’t see a button after filling my data.
Can you share the app to copy so we can see the sheet and the built in the builder?

thanks Jeff, maybe next time when I make apps for general needs

wait for 3-5 seconds (google sheet function is loading)

OMG! I need this function, too!