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Hello Glide Community.

Question - if I create a whitelist of emails that can log into add and edit to my app can I make it so that each email logged in only sees and can add/edit to specific tabs?

Depends on what you are wanting, but you should be able to use Per User Data to only display rows that are linked to that user email. That way, they can only edit rows that they see.

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That I understand. I want to have only specific tabs show for users when they log in. So if there are like 50 users there is only the users tabs showing not all 50 users tabs

Why would you have 50 tabs? Put all the users in one sheet. That sheet becomes the user tab. Then turn on per user data and they will only see data that matches their email.

At the current time you can’t turn tabs on and off by user. That feature has been requested but the list of wants is pretty long. You would have to come up with another strategy to show logged in user specific data. Take a look at the Glide tutorials to get started on that front. Take a look at the Per-user Data tutorial here:

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Okay. But lets say User 1 adds a ticket. I don’t want him to have to add his email address just to ensure it doesnt show user 2s tickets.

Is there a way to link items added by user 1 to his email so they show just for him and user 2s added items show just for when he is logged in without manually adding a box to enter email address to be added to the line of data for that user.

Can I put a hidden row in sheets that populates the email based on the logged in user?

When you are adding components to the “add a ticket” view, you can add a Special Values. There are two to choose from a datetime stamp and the currently logged in user email. You need to create a column for it obviously but the user won’t see it as an entry field.

Thank you ser. :slight_smile:

Do you know of a way to allow a single whitelisted user to have the ability to see hidden tabs?

I’ve set up a small example in under Admin View.

Take a look at the spreadsheet and feel free to copy the app to play with it.

The Admin View is it set up so only specific users can access it?

I’m trying to emulate per user data in a public app, but in a normal situation, I would be viewing the Admin tab with the Details View style, and turn on Per User Data so the user would only see their personal record. The Admin sheet would be whatever your whitelist sheet is in your app.